A practical, highly visible & highly actionable planner for your organisation.


  • Enhances Leader engagement
  • Aligns whole business WHS focus
  • Practical usable tools to help your organisation be compliant
  • Regulations, CoP & ISO 45001 compliant
  • Optimise your limited time
  • 90 day planner functionality
  • Plan in sprints or the year
  • Phone-a-Friend help included!

What our customers say:

  • It’s so easy to use!
  • Helps us develop our confidence
  • It’s where we hold our morning team meetings
  • We put it up to discuss our monthly plans
  • It helps to hold us accountable!
  • It gives us a full year view!
  • We know what to do so much great info!
  • We don’t have to research & design team talks anymore!
  • I love how I can just call an expert for help!
  • Everything is right here – I just scan my phone on the QR code!
  • BIG Plans need BIG Calendars!
  • Finally I can see how safety works right here on my wall!

What’s in your Safety Planner?

What’s Included:

  • Expert designed annual plan for your Organisation’s WHS compliance
  • Free 15 mins advice every month with our Phone a Friend Assistance
  • Annual WHS Plan made for you


  • Monthly Phone a friend advice valued at $825
  • Save 30 hrs of your teams’ time to design the annual plan valued at $11,000

You get over $11,825 value


AU $250.00 per month – access to monthly tools is available to people in the mentor program